Clothing For College Mental Health Awareness


I find so much comfort knowing that we're all going through seasons of life because it reminds me that I'm never alone in what I'm going through.

I love the messaging on their clothing and it's a plus that their clothing are literally so comfortable. I wear mine to class all the time and I love the positive vibes it gives off.

Alyson W. (UCSB)

I always try to remind my friends how special they are and let them know I’m there even when they might not ask for it. My friends check on me when my seasons are changing, even when they don’t know it and it’s important to me that I do the same for them. 

Chloe B. (UCLA)

I try to remind myself when I‚Äôm struggling that we ‚Äúgrow through what [we] go through‚ÄĚ, and I believe every word of it. There are so many times where its felt easier to just give up, but then I look at my past and I realize there‚Äôs no way in hell that I‚Äôve gone though this much and gotten this far to just give up.

Liv W. (Providence)